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Have a Healthy Halloween

From chocolates and caramels to bubble gum and suckers, the ghoulish sugary snacks are everywhere! It seems from the first of October until the holidays are passed, we are surrounded by these treats.

Even the most prepared health guru can be sabotaged during the hectic holidays! Our very own Seasoned Mom Health Coach, Tammi Hoerner, offers some simple tools to make the holiday challenges a tad bit easier.

Say BOOto the cravings, bingeing, and over-stuffing for you and your tykes!

Healthy Halloween

Healthy Halloweens Start At Home

1. Hydrate – A well hydrated body is like putting on a sugar deterring Bat-Cape – giving you super hero powers to resist the urge to munch. Even awareness around ensuring your children are hydrated is incredibly important. A good rule of thumb is 1/2 your body weight in ounces.

2. Lay a Solid Foundation – For your sake as well as for the children, eat a healthful meal filled with nourishing veggies before you set foot near any event or venture out to Trick-or-Treat.

3. Explain Moderation – and then practice what you preach. One of the biggest rules in moving forward to live a more healthful life involves creating a rule of 80/20 or 90/10 – and a large portion of self forgiveness. It really is okay to indulge from time to time. It’s knowing when and how to stop that is important.

4. Opt for home made healthier versions – instead of store bought processed junk food – there are recipes widely available on the internet for healthier versions of our favorite treats. I suggest following The Nourished Life or following us on Facebook.

5. Breathe – Stress is a common reason many reach for munchies. And, I know this will surprise you, the holidays ARE STRESSFUL! Taking on a practice of meditation, self care, and simply taking a break to breathe will ease the stress, often enough to avoid bingeing on terrible for you food-like substances.

Now that you have your super hero Seasoned Mom tools for a Healthy Halloween, sit back, and take the time to enjoy the feast, beautiful fall season, and – most importantly – YOUR KIDDOS!