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Fibromyalgia and Your Diet – Is There a Connection?

By Amy Martineau
If you have fibromyalgia, you are most likely looking for ways to ease the flare-ups of muscle pain and fatigue. One element that you might not have considered is your diet. Are there specific foods to avoid or add to your diet to decrease fibromyalgia symptoms? The answer isn’t black and white.
Research in this area is limited and mostly anecdotal from those with the disease. However, it may be something to consider. Those with fibromyalgia might be more sensitive to certain foods. In a survey published in Clinical Rheumatology, 42% of fibromyalgia patients reported that their symptoms increased after eating certain foods. The reaction to certain foods varies from person to person, so it is difficult to create a definitive list of foods to avoid.
One of the best ways to start to determine if a certain food is exacerbating your symptoms is to start a food journal. Simply write down everything you eat in a day and include how you feel after eating each meal. You may start to discover a pattern over time, such as, every time you eat dairy you find that you become fatigued, develop a headache or have indigestion. Once you start to see a pattern of consumption of a certain food and physical symptoms, you can then proceed to use an elimination diet to confirm your findings.
To use an elimination diet, pick one of the foods that you suspect you might be causing symptoms based on your food journal entries. Using dairy again as an example, you would completely stop eating all dairy products for six to eight weeks. Keep track of how you feel each day. After that time passes, try adding dairy back in. Do the symptoms start to reoccur? Did they never decrease in the first place? Once you complete this cycle with all the foods you believe are causing issues, you will be able to determine if a change in diet might be beneficial.
If you suspect you are having issues with certain foods, it is a good idea to bring these to the attention of your doctor. It’s possible you have an underlying condition such as a gluten allergy that might be causing unwanted symptoms. It may also be beneficial to get the advice of a health coach or holistic nutritionist when doing any type of elimination diet. You need to make sure you aren’t eliminating important nutrients from your diet. In other words, don’t make yourself feel worse while you are trying to make yourself feel better.
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Shining Brite Holiday Guide for Living Healthy Through the Holidays

Have the holidays hit you like a speeding Polar Express, only to leave you feeling exhausted, and with very little holiday spirit? You are not alone! All too often this time of year brings bags of financial distress, emotional outbursts, stress beyond what anyone should have to bear. Our societal ideals of holiday gifts, perfect dishes, and long holiday hours are enough to unravel the most well organized, financially stable, and healthy human being.

But Alas! We’ve brought you our top five healthy holiday survival tips to help you hold it together through the toughest weeks of the year!

1. Nourish your body – remember even in this time of juggling tons of schedules, late night shopping, and extreme food budget, a good salad or sauteed wilted greens with almonds will take your body a lot further than that burger – no matter how good it sounds in the moment, it will slow you more than move you. (plus, you’ll be still wearing the burger come January 1, 2012!)

2. Relax – The holidays are truly meant to be enjoyable, but how can you be fully present when you are carrying the stress of the entire season in that crick in your neck? Take time out to get a massage (it’s only an hour!) or a nice balancing Reiki session!

3. Count your blessings – a space of gratitude will take you a long way! Before you lumber out of bed in the morning, cursing the day away, lay there and allow yourself to become fully awake. In this few moments, call to mind all your blessings. This will allow you to start your day on the right foot!

4. Connect with your community – join a meetup group (try meetup.com), connect with old friends on facebook, or a group of coworkers in celebration of the wonderful gifts we each have in our lives! Knowing you have community makes a great difference when facing the holidays!

5. Slow Down – This time of year can be the most demanding time of the entire year past. If you allow yourself to get swept up, it will sweep it all away before you know it and all that was meant to be enjoyed will be gone. Take time out to spend with your family, children, friends, loved ones, coworkers, and quite time for you. Chew your food, listen to the music and take note of the beautiful clear crisp sky. Doing so can make the difference in how the entire holiday feels.

Finally, the most important step of all…. ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!

With all the healthy holiday blessings you can imagine,

New Beginnings Health & Wellness Staff


Is Junk Food Cheaper?

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The Aftermath

Sugar….sugar…sugar. It is taking over the minds, and now bodies, of women, men, and children every where.

Well, it is that season. It starts with Halloween. (honestly, about three or four weeks before with stocking up on bags of candy that you end up needing to buy more of anyway, doesn’t it?) It starts with one candy bar. The snack sized one. Then, just one more. Then, perhaps, you feel you just want to help get rid of them being in the house. Once they are out of the house, you tell yourself, wont eat them any more.

Yet, that’s not what happens is it? Next, you are asking for soda instead of water. Then you are stopping in the candy isle at the store to refresh your diminished home or desk supply. Heck, why not both? Soon, you’ve added five pounds, feel bloated and uncomfortable. Your sleep changes, your digestion changes, and you have completely fallen off of that latest diet you started just a month ago. You feel terrible, and out of control. 

Familiar story? It’s familiar to me as well, this is the time of year I hear the most frustration around lack of control with sugar. I experienced it personally and know how completely you can lose control.

Just a few short years ago I learned about how incredibly addictive sugar is. Once I became conscious of it, I started putting controls into place to stop myself from losing that control. However, it does take practice and discipline to get there.

Here are a few steps to put into place to reduce sugar cravings and get back on track.

1. Drink plenty of water. I always recommend 1/2 your body weight in ounces. To make this easy, carry a water bottle with you every where you go.

2. Get plenty of rest. When you stop eating sugar, you are going to crave it. You may experience headaches, body aches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, among other side effects of detox. Rest will help your body cope through the transition.

3. Eliminate all sources of sugar. From candy to fruit juice. Stop. All of it.

4. Stay present. Sometimes a craving for sugar actually comes from an emotional imbalance, such as anxiety, depression, fear, or sadness. Trying to stay as focused on what is happening right this minute and not what happened or might happen may alleviate your craving.

5. Move your body. Exercise will help your body to flush the sugar out, get the blood flowing, reduce tension, improve your immunity.

There are many ways to get over the strong cravings for sugar, but these are some of my own favorites. The biggest thing I can suggest above all of these is practice forgiveness with yourself. What is done is done, you can only change what you do from here forward. Let go of the past, stay present, listen to and honor your body.


Wellness and the Real World

90% of the time, I live in a pink bubble. I never watch the news, listen to the radio, or read any local papers. Why? To allow myself control over how I feel. I am not carrying the weight of the world. Literally. This is one of my chosen steps to reach my own healthy balance in life.

Taking steps to be well is a journey for practically everyone. For myself, it’s been a very long journey, but I feel I am reaching the right road in this life, living in service to others, working to help others to heal their own bodies. I have found my own health & wellness through whole natural foods, working toward stronger relationships in my family and friends circles, creating and pursuing a career that I am deeply passionate about, and being completely honest with myself, so that I can fully show up when I am in the world.

The journey toward wellness might start with a single step, but I am finding that it always ripples outward. Once you know it’s not easy to un-know. Are you feeding your body foods that heal or foods that kill, are you moving your body, are you taking steps to overcome the challenges you’ve been given physically and emotionally?

Each of us here at New Beginnings brings tools to help you to do just these things, whether it is to gain optimal health, reduce pain or tension, increase mobility and range of motion, to address skin problems, weight challenges, digestive disorders, allergies, fertility, or your own self image, we have a practitioner or group of practitioners here who can help you.

We are located in Englewood, Colorado but many of our services are available via telesession, such a health coaching. If you are ready to begin your own journey toward wellness, we are happy to support you. Connect either by phone or website listed below.