Healing: Mind, Body, Spirit

The Aftermath

Sugar….sugar…sugar. It is taking over the minds, and now bodies, of women, men, and children every where.

Well, it is that season. It starts with Halloween. (honestly, about three or four weeks before with stocking up on bags of candy that you end up needing to buy more of anyway, doesn’t it?) It starts with one candy bar. The snack sized one. Then, just one more. Then, perhaps, you feel you just want to help get rid of them being in the house. Once they are out of the house, you tell yourself, wont eat them any more.

Yet, that’s not what happens is it? Next, you are asking for soda instead of water. Then you are stopping in the candy isle at the store to refresh your diminished home or desk supply. Heck, why not both? Soon, you’ve added five pounds, feel bloated and uncomfortable. Your sleep changes, your digestion changes, and you have completely fallen off of that latest diet you started just a month ago. You feel terrible, and out of control. 

Familiar story? It’s familiar to me as well, this is the time of year I hear the most frustration around lack of control with sugar. I experienced it personally and know how completely you can lose control.

Just a few short years ago I learned about how incredibly addictive sugar is. Once I became conscious of it, I started putting controls into place to stop myself from losing that control. However, it does take practice and discipline to get there.

Here are a few steps to put into place to reduce sugar cravings and get back on track.

1. Drink plenty of water. I always recommend 1/2 your body weight in ounces. To make this easy, carry a water bottle with you every where you go.

2. Get plenty of rest. When you stop eating sugar, you are going to crave it. You may experience headaches, body aches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, among other side effects of detox. Rest will help your body cope through the transition.

3. Eliminate all sources of sugar. From candy to fruit juice. Stop. All of it.

4. Stay present. Sometimes a craving for sugar actually comes from an emotional imbalance, such as anxiety, depression, fear, or sadness. Trying to stay as focused on what is happening right this minute and not what happened or might happen may alleviate your craving.

5. Move your body. Exercise will help your body to flush the sugar out, get the blood flowing, reduce tension, improve your immunity.

There are many ways to get over the strong cravings for sugar, but these are some of my own favorites. The biggest thing I can suggest above all of these is practice forgiveness with yourself. What is done is done, you can only change what you do from here forward. Let go of the past, stay present, listen to and honor your body.



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