Healing: Mind, Body, Spirit

Wellness and the Real World

90% of the time, I live in a pink bubble. I never watch the news, listen to the radio, or read any local papers. Why? To allow myself control over how I feel. I am not carrying the weight of the world. Literally. This is one of my chosen steps to reach my own healthy balance in life.

Taking steps to be well is a journey for practically everyone. For myself, it’s been a very long journey, but I feel I am reaching the right road in this life, living in service to others, working to help others to heal their own bodies. I have found my own health & wellness through whole natural foods, working toward stronger relationships in my family and friends circles, creating and pursuing a career that I am deeply passionate about, and being completely honest with myself, so that I can fully show up when I am in the world.

The journey toward wellness might start with a single step, but I am finding that it always ripples outward. Once you know it’s not easy to un-know. Are you feeding your body foods that heal or foods that kill, are you moving your body, are you taking steps to overcome the challenges you’ve been given physically and emotionally?

Each of us here at New Beginnings brings tools to help you to do just these things, whether it is to gain optimal health, reduce pain or tension, increase mobility and range of motion, to address skin problems, weight challenges, digestive disorders, allergies, fertility, or your own self image, we have a practitioner or group of practitioners here who can help you.

We are located in Englewood, Colorado but many of our services are available via telesession, such a health coaching. If you are ready to begin your own journey toward wellness, we are happy to support you. Connect either by phone or website listed below.




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